Shows dates are August 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th.  Tickets to go on sale soon so keep checking back.

Auditions for Bandon Playhouse “THE WIZARD OF OZ” was held at the Sprague Theater on Saturday and Sunday, April 29th & 30th. There were over 50 talented individuals who came to perform before Director Jeff Norris, Music Director Tom Collins, Choreographer Jordan Chandler and Stage Manager Johnna Hickox.

After much….much deliberation, the audition team is excited to welcome the following into the cast:

Dorothy Gale – Zeta Hay
Uncle Henry – Hank Hickox
Oz Gatekeeper – Gareth Williams
Aunt Emily – Kathy Hubbard
Glinda – Lori Straley
Hunk – Skyler Hammons
Scarecrow – Dustin Wilson
Hickory – Derek Addleman
Tinman- Josiah Hay
Zeke – Larry Doss
Lion – Joe Latimer
Miss Almira Gulch – Annette Giardinelli
Wicked Witch – Heather Bouher
Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz – Bob Hundhausen

Mayor – Kelly Self / Jodi (March 25th & 26th)
Coroner – Joel Hammons
Barrister – Mary Jane Hammons
Braggart/Fiddler – Skyler Hammons
City Mother 1 – Cindy Hay
City Mother 2 – Maggie McLain
Lullaby League – Cate Hockett, Stella Ryder, and Jada Ryder
Lollipop Guild – Danielle McLain, Alley Koser, and Matthew Self
Other Munchkins – Harold Hammons and Faith Johnson

Ozians (Chorus):
John Hubbard, Kathy Hubbard, Gareth Williams, Derek Addleman, Lori Straley, Cindy Hay, Annette Giardinelli, Dustin Wilson, Larry Doss, Linda Baldwin, Kelly Self, Nikki Self, Maggie McLain, Statia Ryder, Skyler Hammons,  Johnna Hickox, and Bob Hundhausen.

Crows: Derek Addleman, and Larry Doss
Angry Trees: Statia Ryder, Annette Giardinelli, Kelly Self, and Linda Baldwin
Winkies Guards – Nikki Self (General), Skyler Hammons, Mary Jane Hammons, and Kelly Self
Flying Monkeys – Derek Addleman (Nikko-Monkey Commander), Harold Hammons, Stella Ryder, Jada Ryder, Matthew Self, and Joel Hammons
Jitter Bugs and Poppies (Dance) – Danielle McLain,  Stella Ryder, Jada Ryder, and Faith Johnson