July 26, 1976 First meeting of the Bandon Playhouse held at Harbor Lights Middle School. Organized by Sharon Hennick, Tosca Means, and Alice Stadelman.

*denotes year of same show was produced

11/1976                      THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMEDY


May                            PICNIC            Directed by Joe Oyler


February 2-12            ANYTHING GOES      Directed by Joe Oyler

June 13 & 14             THE ENORMOUS EGG-Readers Theater

July                             A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE          Directed by Randy Ullom

August 18-20             Performed together  KITS MY GRITS     Directed by Jan Savage

CAMELOT    Directed by Jan Savage

December 1-16        BAREFOOT IN THE PARK       Directed by Will Shindler   *2012



July 4-8                  WELCOME BIG AND LITTLE               Directed by Stadelman and Lewis





March 3                     THE IRISH CONNECTION       Directed by Alice Stadelman   *1986

July 3-Aug 21             THE GLASS MENAGERIE        Directed by Francis Bradac

Aug 25-Sept 9           CAMELOT    *1978, 2004

October                     THE HALLOWEEN SPOOK SHOW



April                            YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU         Directed by Francis Bradac

July 29,30, Aug 19,20     SMALL TOWN TRILOGY – Xingu, Trifles, Tides

Aug 4,5,6                    THE STOLEN PRINCE & CASANDRA & OSWALD  (Bandon Youth)

Nov 18-26                   DON’T DRINK THE WATER     Directed by Victoria Tierney



March                        WILD WEST WOMEN      Directed by Bill and Glenna Sipes



Feb. 14                       VALENTINE CABARET

Sept 6,7,13,14,          FIDDLER ON THE ROOF         Directed by Mark Tierney, Blake Hodgetts, E.J. Susman

Nov 11-19                   LET’S MURDER MARCIA        Directed Linda Radford



Jan 24-Feb 1              A DELICATE BALANCE          Directed by Mark Tierney

March                         THE IRISH CONNECTION       Directed by Alice Stadelman   *1982

July                             THE DOCTOR IN SPITE OF HIMSELF     Directed by Mark Tierney

Sept 13-27                  THE SOUND OF MUSIC          Directed by Lorna Salt   *2010

Dec 27-Jan 1             STRANGE SNOW        Directed by Victoria Tierney, Dave Johnson



March 27-April 5       WRITERS DREAM OF BEING HEROES-HEROES DREAM OF BEING GODS    Directed by Mimi Kranick

May 23-24                  BROADWAY BOULLABASSE VARIETY SHOW     Directed by Jason Tree

Aug 22-Sept 12         ANNIE GET YOUR GUN         Directed by Bobbie Aasen

Dec 31-Jan 10           PLAZA SUITE      Directed by Fred White

December                 SHERLOCK HOLMES & THE FUDDLESTON AFFAIR    written and directed by Mark Tierney, Mimi Kranick



April 1                         FEAST OF FOOLS

March                        70 GIRLS, 70      Directed by Kathy Richardson

May 29                       CABARET INTERNATIONALE             Directed by Lorna Salt

Sept 2,3,4                   PLAY IT AGAIN           Directed by Ed Orris



May 27-28                  WITH A SONG IN MY HEART        Directed by Victoria Tierney

April 1,2,8,9                HARVEY          Directed by Francis Bradac

Sept 1-16                    MY FAIR LADY            Directed by Lorna Salt   *2010



Jan 5-13                     ON BORROWED TIME           Directed by Bobbie Aasen

March 23-31              THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST          Directed by Mark Tierney

Aug 17-Sept 1           THE MIKADO         Directed by Ed Orris



Jan 4-19                     THE CHALK GARDEN            Directed by Colli Kincaid

May 18-31                  OUR TOWN                Directed by Victoria Tierney

Aug 16-31                  CAROUSEL                 Directed by Lorna Salt

Dec 13-15                  AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS               Directed by Harriett Orris   *1992, 2005



Feb 28,29, March 1-14         R.U.R.              Directed by Collie Kincaid

May 29,30,31, June 5-13      GIGI                Directed by Ed Orris


October                                 THIS LADY IS NOT FOR BURNING

Dec 11-13                              AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS       Directed by Harriett Orris   1991,2005



March 5-20                            TRILOGY OF ONE ACT PLAYS

The Twelve Pound Clock     Directed by Glenn Rogie

Trifles               Directed by Glenn Rogie

Ladies 0f the Mop                Directed by Harriett Orris

May  8-22                               THE GREATEST THIEF IN TOWN          Directed by Mary Durel

Aug 20-Sept 4                       SHOWBOAT                Directed by Melissa Durel

Oct. 15-30                              THE PINCHPENNY PHANTOM OF THE OPERA           Directed by Harriett and Ed Orris



May 13-29                              THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT     Directed by Ed Chilla

Aug 19-Sept 3                       TWO PLAYS TOGETHER L & S. Cox and Box Directed by Dave Sweeney

Trial by Jury    Directed by Ed Orris

Oct 14-29                               THE PRICE       Directed by Victoria Tierney



March 23-31                          THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST          Directed by Mark Tierney   *2003

May                                        Variety show

Aug 18-Sept 2                       HELLO DOLLY             Directed by Dave Sweeney

Oct 16-31                               THE LADY’S NOT FOR BURNING       Directed by Mark Tierney



March 10-18                          THE WOULD BE GENTLEMAN            Directed by Corrie Gant

May 25                                   MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS

Historical Society Benefit

Premiere of THE FOLLEY OF THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS DAUGHTER, written by Corrie Gant and Directed                                                    by Victoria Tierney

Aug 16-31                              THE KING AND I                     Directed by Bobbie Aasen

Nov                                         TRUE WEST                              Directed by Mark Tierney



March 22-31                          THE LITTLE FOXES        Directed by Alice Stadelman

Sept 19-Oct 4                        THE GONDOLIERS      Directed by Harriett Orris



Aug-Sept                                OKLAHOMA!             Directed by Bobbie Aasen   *2007



May 21-June 12                    MOLIERE BY THE SEA             Directed by Corrie Gant

May 7-22                                THE BIGGEST THIEF IN TOWN            Directed by Mary Durel

July 2-3                                   SERVICE FOR NINE

Sept 4                                     THE SINGING COMPANY BENEFIT SHOW

Oct. 22-30                              NIGHT WATCH           Directed by Sandi Norris



Jan 22-23                               MUSICALS MILLENNIUM        Directed by Marlyn Scott

May 27                                   BIBLIOFOLLIES

Oct 1                                      LET THE MAGIC BEGIN-Sprague theater grand opening

Aug 25-Sept 10                     SOUTH PACIFIC         Directed by Bobbie Aasen



Jan                                          MYSTIC SWEET COMMUNICATION

March 9-18                            WAITING GODOT (a Prosper Road Productions show)

May 11-27                              ARSENIC AND OLD LACE       Directed by W.D. Braun

Aug 17-Spet 1                       H.M.S PINAFORE                    Directed by Harriett & Ed Orris

Oct 5-14                                 CHECK PLEASE          Directed by Anne Mattingly

Nov 30-Dec 2                        STEVIE             Directed by David Rabin



Jan                                          STEVIE-reprise

Feb 24                                    B&B CABARET SHOW

March 23-24                          DR. SUESS-THE LORAX (youth theater)       Directed by Heather Bougher

June 7-23                               LEND ME A TENOR   Directed by Paul Cobert

Aug                                         NO WRINKLES, NEW WRINKLES

Directed by Nella Abbott, Linda Radford, Victoria Tierney

Dec 21                                   MIRACLE ON 11TH STREET

Directed by Lorna Salt and Maria Merriam



Feb 7-23                                 ROUGH CROSSINGS

April 4-20                                CHICAGO      Directed by Sally Ford

May 27-29                              THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST          Directed by David Hickox   *1995

July 5-20                                 MOON OVER BUFFALO        Directed by Anne Mattingly

Dec                                         NUTCRACKER (in association with Marlo Dance Studio) Directed by Maria Merriam



Feb 14-22                               LETTERS HOME           Directed by David Rabin & Mary Durel

March                                     PUTTING OUR ACT TOGETHER VARIETY SHOW

March 5-12                            ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST     Directed by Jason Tree

July 16-25                               JAKES WOMEN          Directed by Anne Mattingly

Oct                                         THE ONLY DANCE THERE IS

Aug                                         CAMELOT   *1982

Dec                                         AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS



June 17- July 3                      BORN YESTERDAY     Directed by Jeff Norris

Aug 19                                    MAN IN THE DOG SUIT       Directed by Jeff Norris and Jackie Lawrence

Sept 4                                     A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM      Directed by Jeff Norris

Dec                                         AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS   *1991, 1992



Feb 3-18                                 STEEL MAGNOLIAS   *2017

April                                        THE GOLDEN AGE OF RADIO READERS THEATER

June 16-July2                         THE ODD COUPLE   Directed by Peter Braun

July 28-Aug 13                       THE FANTASTICKS   Directed by Sally Ford

Aug                                         30th ANNEVERSARY SHOW

Dec                                         HERE’S LOVE              Directed by Sally Ford

Dec                                         LOVE LETTERS READERS THEATER



March 2-18                            RAINMAKER   Directed by Mike Dempsey

June 8-24                               DEARLY BELOVED     Directed by Kathie Lecce

Aug 17-Sept 2                       OKLAHOMA!             Directed by Alan Spjut   *1998

Nov 3                                      THE GOLDEN PUMPKIN VARIETY SHOW

Nov 30- Dec 9                       BETHLEHEM ROAD     Directed by Sally Ford   * 2015



March 7                                 ON GOLDEN POND              Directed by Jason Tree

June                                       YOU CAN’T GET THERE FROM HERE

Aug 15-31                              THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE     Directed by Neville Cordell and Kerry Oxford



June                                       WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION    Directed by Jeff Norris

Aug 21-29                              SOUTH COAST HAS TALENT              Directed by Paul Hay

Dec 4-13                                CHRISTMAS BELLES                Directed by Pam Hanson



Feb 19- March 7                   THE SOUND OF MUSIC          Directed by Jeff Norris   *1986

June 11-26                             THE BOYS NEXT DOOR          Directed by Mike Dempsy

Aug 13-29                              MY FAIR LADY                        Directed by Alan Spjut   *1989

Sept. 1                                    SPRAGUE THEATER 10TH ANNEVERSARY VARIETY SHOW



Feb 4-27                                 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST        Directed by Sally Ford

June 10-26                             AND THEN THERE WERE NONE         Directed by Kathie Lecce

Aug 5-21                                ALWAYS PATSY CLINE           Directed by Ted Swindley

Dec9-18                                 THE LEGEND OF OLD BEFANA         Directed by Candace Kreitlow



March 9-25                            BAREFOOT IN THE PARK       Directed by Kathie Lecce   *1978

June 9-24                               BLITHE SPIRIT               Directed by Mike Dempsey

Aug 10-26                              GODSPELL         Directed by Lisa Carmen



Feb                                         VIVIANE          Directed by Thomas Rolapp

Aug 2-18                                GREASE          Directed by Kathie Lecce

Dec 13-14                              CHRISTMAS AIRE VARIETY SHOW       Directed by Claudine Hundhousen



March                                     TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL    Directed by Jason Tree



Aug 21- Sept 6                      SPITFIRE GRILL            Directed by Kathy Lecce

Nov                                         BETHLEHEM ROAD        Directed by Mike Dempsy   *2007



March 1-17                            AGNES OF GOD           Directed by Bobbi Neason

Aug                                         I WAS REALLY VERY HUNGRY-READERS THEATER

Aug 5-7                                  DANGLING CONVERSATIONS – SHAKESPEAR AND SONG

Nov 11                                    ONE NIGHT ON BROADWAY SING ALONG  Directed by Paul Hay



Feb 24-March 12                  STEEL MAGNOLIAS                Directed by Jeff Norris   *2006

Aug 10-27                              THE WIZARD OF OZ               Directed by Jeff Norris