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Bandon Playhouse Board Meeting


Just a friendly reminder that the board will be meeting on December 20th, at 5:00pm in the new conference room in the Sprague Theater.   All are welcome to attend.

We are finalizing discussions on the new committees, and well as the submission guidelines for future presentations.

Newly Elected Board of Directors

Thank you to everyone who attended the Bandon Playhouse General Meeting on October 18th, 5:00pm at the Sprague Theater.

After consideration and discussion the vote was unanimous for the following members to be the new board of directors for 2017-2018

Zeta Hay (Class of 2018)
Gareth Williams (Class of 2018)
Paul Hay (Class of 2019)
Lori Straley (Class of 2019)
Jay Straley (Class of 2020)
Susan Russell (Class of 2020)

The newly elected board of directors met on Wednesday, October 25th to determine the new officers.  After consideration and discussion, the vote was unanimous for the following positions.

Paul Hay – will retain the officer position of President and take on the duties of the Treasurer as well
Jay Straley – was voted in as Vice President (there was no Past President willing to take the position)
Susan Russell – was voted in as Secretary
Zeta Hay – was voted in as Member at Large
Gareth Williams – was voted in as Member at Large
Lori Straley –  was voted in as Member at Large

Further discussions on committees was discussed.  We are looking for additional members to join these committees and this will be the primary discussion on the November 15th meeting at the Sprague Theater at 5:00pm.  This meeting will be help upstairs in the conference room.

We look forward to seeing you there.